Tuesday, June 1, 2010

the launch

Well. This is it. The beginning of what can and will become a legendary blog...

Hager is my Hero.

Go ahead. absorb it. Take it all in.

So much to grasp... so much to believe.

This blog is dedicated to one of the few people in my life (and other's lives) that just brightens up my day with her constant non-sensical-ness, random acts or oddness, questionable quips, comical facial expressions and sometimes, rarely, the wise gems that come out of her mouth.

So come with me on this magical voyage that is documenting the life of Jennifer Hager.... the myth, the griffins, the blank stares, the potential legend.

lots of pictures, moments, and hopefully videos to come!


  1. how can other fans of Hager contribute to this monument?

  2. old pictures, videos, art, anything! memories too!

  3. I'm on board for this amazing journey.